Glenbrook Outdoor Activity Centre

Hope Road


Hope Valley


S33 0AL


Tel: 01433 651567



Registered Charity No. 504343

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Tasks awaiting volunteers at the moment are:

Creation of Local Village Trails

Indoor and Outdoor Painting

Paving Slab laying

The list goes on........


We are also looking for archery instructors (GNAS qualified), climbing / weaselling instructors (SPA qualified) and pioneering instructors.


If you feel that you have a skill that could help us get a job done please get in touch, or if during your visit to Glenbrook you notice that something needs doing and would like to volunteer to do it please tell us. We will not be offended - in fact you will probably find that it is on our list of jobs to do!


A few of the jobs completed by volunteers during 2018 were:

Construction of a reflection area

Ivy Clearance

Leaf Sweeping

Lots and lots of wood chopping and moving


River management

and much more.


Several of our volunteers find that Glenbrook is a convenient FREE parking spot for a walk in the Peak District. All it takes is an hour volunteering and then off you go for a walk.


There are many ways that volunteers can help at Glenbrook.


Tasks range from spring cleaning and leaf sweeping to painting, plumbing and helping at events - the list is endless!


During your stay if your group does an hour on site volunteering you can get an hour of any of the self led activities FREE!

There are always opportunities for volunteers at Glenbrook.


Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on what's happening!

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